Becoming a Cpa

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Becoming a CPA Accounting is the study of how businesses track their income. Identify business goals and activities; describe the role of accounting in making informed decisions, the uses and organization of financial performance over an accounting cycle. Accountants engage in a wide variety of activities besides preparing financial statements. They spend a lot of time learning how to make the business profitable. Therefore, an accountant is perfectly positioned to become a Chief Financial Officer (CFO; the executive who is responsible for financial planning and record keeping for a company) because he or she probably has the understanding of what drives business and profits in a company. Accounting offers plentiful of…show more content…
Communication skills, in accounting there is demand for employees who do not just have technical skills, but strong people skills too. Technology knowledge, as a CPA it will be a most to know about existing and emerging technologies in business environment and understand how to use them effectively. Business savvy, an accountant needs to master his/her creative problem-solving skills. Innovative answers are what will get them respect in the business world and so will responsibility, ethics and honesty. Since I was a teenager, I grew a love for business. That is way accounting fits my personality; I see my self as a leader and a people’s person. It is very easy for me to take charge at work and in my groups’ projects. I also like to teach others, and I am open to learn too. Those are some of the qualities that are needed to be a good leader. In addition, as a CPA, I have the possibility on becoming a finance manager in the future. That is something I am willing to accomplish and take my career to the next level. Yes accounting is the career for me. Accounting will open a lot of doors for me in the business world. Thousands of businesses open every day in the U.S.A. and around the world. Therefore, accountants have a lot of job opportunities. will be needed to do the financial statements for those new businesses. As a CPA, my plans are to obtain a few years of experience in an accounting firm and than open my own. In addition, if I decide to move back to
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