Becoming a Dental Hygenist

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Did you know that a dental hygienist could make a slightly large mistake without asking a simple question? Well they can, the most common question is if their patient would like one or more crown placed in there mouth at a time. In order to succeed as a dental hygienist everyone is required to go to either a two or four year college and major in dental hygiene. Many people believe that it is easy to be a dental hygienist because they think that all that is required to do is clean teeth, but its actually quite difficult. Making sure the patients have excellent oral care is very important The requirements of becoming a dental hygienist requires many different types of schooling. Dental hygienists can earn their education through…show more content…
2). Statistics show that more than half of the dental hygienists work only part time (“Dental Hygienists” para. 2). Flexibility is also very important because they need to be available for evening and weekend hours at any time (“Dental Hygienist” American para. 7). Hygienists use various types of tools in order to do their job (“Dental Hygienists” para. 10). Some of the tools dental hygienists use are power and ultrasonic tools, air-polishing devices, automatic tooth brush, and x-ray machines (“Dental Hygienists” para. 10). They are required to wear gloves, safety glasses, and surgical masks to protect themselves from any infectious diseases that the patients might have (“Dental Hygienists” para. 14). Dental hygienists clean teeth, examine patients for signs of oral diseases, provide preventive care for teeth, and give patients tips on ways to improve their oral health (“Dental Hygienists” para. 1). The duties of a dental hygienist are, removing stains from teeth, protecting teeth by applying sealant or fluorides, take x-rays, and teach patients oral hygiene techniques (“Dental Hygienists” para. 9). The most a hygienist usually is required to carry is 10 to 20 pounds; they also do a lot of standing and walking (“Dental Hygienist” What’s para.4). Many hygienists can be very successful throughout life. A dental hygienists annual wage as of May 2012 was approximately $70,210 (“Dental Hygienists” para. 4). Only the lowest of about ten

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