Becoming a District Manager of Dunkin Donuts Essay

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Becoming a District Manager of Dunkin Donuts
Congratulations!!! The store owner of Dunkin Donuts has decided to open five new locations over the next two years. A new District Manager will be needed for these new locations and will present many new opportunities. The new district manager will be given complete control, authority, and responsibility to structure, staff and operate the five new locations. The new opportunities will be challenging, but it will also be rewarding. Seeing the new location grow into thriving businesses will show the store owner that he made a great discussion. Many key components will be among the challenges and will include job design, organizational design, recruiting strategy and methods, and training
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If we have to go to the single job per employee we will work with these employees to move them into the multitasking employees that we will need to complete our job design. We will have to test the waters and see how things go as we proceed through the hiring and training process.
Organizational Design The organizational design of Dunkin Donuts already exists as a franchising company using a unitary form of management. Beckman (2009) defines unitary form or U-form organizational design as, “A model in which similar tasks, such as production tasks, are grouped into specialized units creating economies of scale and the familiar functional silos that still exist in many organizations today” (p. 7). The U-form design will have to be used to allow the new locations to function inside the Dunkin Donuts franchise system, but we believe it can be adapted and improved by making a few simple changes and additions. After working with and looking deeper into the current organization design of Dunkin Donuts, we believe it can be improved by simplifying the design of each new store location to a simple structure design. The new store locations need to feel more like locally owned, down home country stores. Every new and existing customer should be able to walk into each of our new location and feel like all the employees have known them for
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