Becoming a Doctor Speech Essay

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When walking into a hospital most people feel squeamish and uncomfortable. For me I have the feeling of belonging and home. I can remember the exact time when I decided to become a doctor. I was only eight years old and I was visiting my grandpa who had just had a life risking surgery and came out the other end okay. At this age I really don’t understand what all was going on. All I knew is the doctor had saved my grandpa, and I had more years to spend with him. When I walked into the room the doctor was standing over my grandpa and they were both laughing. That very moment I knew I wanted to become a doctor. I wanted to be the person that would allow a young girl to have more years with her grandpa. I want to help change the world one…show more content…
The years of residency vary depending on the different types of doctors. They can range from three to five years in length. While in residency doctors are considered a resident and aren’t fully licensed yet. Now that you know what it takes to become a doctor, let me explain some of the duties a doctor is responsible for. The main duty of a doctor is to take care of their patient and make sure they are safe at all times. According to the American Medical Association, it is the doctor’s duty to disclose any medical information relevant to the patient Another responsibility of a doctor is to be open and honest with the patient. It is important to understand that being a doctor requires you work in a partnership with the patient. The patient has the last on what happens to their body. The doctor has no right to force treatment onto a patient. This makes is extremely important for the doctor to be able to describe the problem and solution in a way the patient will understand. Now the duties of a doctor have been explained, let me discuss the amazing benefits of being a doctor. There are many benefits to becoming a doctor, and the money isn’t the only one. Job outlook for physicians is absolutely amazing. There are over 60 different types of specialists falling under ten different categories. There are very few jobs that allow you to continuously learn while working. Being a doctor allows you to do just that. Technology is
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