Becoming a Life Light Paramedic

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Well I have and I want to be a life light paramedic but to be a life light paramedic there are a few steps you must take. Step one is to take an EMT class to become an EMT. But one thing to count on in this field is blood and it’s not for the squeamish. Another perk life light paramedics need or any paramedic for that fact is to be quick thinker and able to make big decisions fast.
An EMT class will last about an average school semester length and will cost an average of fifteen hundred dollars. You must be in or have your high school diploma or GED to be an EMT. Now you’re wondering what an EMT is? Well an EMT is an emergency medical technician they are pretty much a lower class paramedic. They know all the same things but are not as well experienced.
As an EMT your boss would be the paramedic going on rides with you, you’re now wondering what a ride is? Well a ride is just the term used for when you go out on a call or emergency and you drive the emergency response vehicle to the location with a partner in this case the senior officer. The average pay for an EMT is about thirty five thousand a year or thirteen seventy five an hour. Most EMT’s will go on to be a nurse or paramedic themselves to further their career. This leads me to my next step in the process of becoming a life light paramedic.

Step two in becoming a life…
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