Becoming a Lifelong Learner

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When I first considered going to college I looked at many programs. The first thing I looked at from a monetary perspective was a local community college. My father and stepmother both worked there and so I could attend at no cost aside from books. While in the end this did not work out there was, a concept there that I think fosters a particular kind of learning that is worth sharing. This idea was labeled Learning Communities. The basic idea is to take two or more classes from different disciplines and teach them as a single class. The learning community I took part in was a combination of a 100 level English and philosophy class called Existential Philosophy. What I find truly lovely about learning communities is how they foster this…show more content…
I was also taught to challenge that knowledge and seek out the truth behind the facts. This principle of childrearing formed not only a lifelong learner but also a unique personality and view of the world. I do not often think about how my personality or personality traits affect my thirst for knowledge. Ideas like my Keirsey Temperament or my locus of control rarely come into my mind when thinking about what forms my educational background. The reality is that such things have a large impact on how I feel about lifelong learning and on how I learn. I think that my locus of control sitting on the fence of being both internal and external means that I have a grounded belief that some of my education is my own responsibility. However, that same split means I can accept that what I know and what I receive credit for knowing are separate things. I am here to get the second. School for me has the purpose of giving me proof that I know what I know. School is about getting a paper that validates to others that learning is important to me and that I have done work to learn certain things. However, I do not think that education is the only or even the primary way that most people or I have gained knowledge. I think that like most, my knowledge comes from a combination of life experiences and other knowledge sources like books. The things school turns into a required regimen of classes, the world forces upon us at random intervals. I also think that my internal locus of
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