Becoming a Mandated Reporter

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Unit 6 Project: Child abuse and what it takes to be a mandated reporter
Kaplan University
CM 107-27

1. Introduction:
A What is a Mandated Reporter
B. Profession that are to report child abuse
2. What is child abuse ?
A) What are the different types of child abuse?
B) Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse Maltreatment and child neglect
3) What are the steps in reporting child abuse A) Keeping it confidential B) State regulation on how to report C) How to deal with parents on notification D) Who can help?

4) Personal dealings with child abuse A) Opinions on how to deal with children and discipline B) Conclusion

There are many challenges that are faced daily when becoming or being a mandated reporter.
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Indicators of Sexual Abuse Can Include: Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases; Injury to genital area; difficulty and/or pain when sitting or walking; sexually suggestive, inappropriate, or promiscuous behavior or verbalization. Another action can be expressing age-inappropriate awareness of sexual relations or sexual harassment of other children.

Indicators of Maltreatment can include: malnourishment, listlessness, fatigue, stealing or begging for food. Lack of personal care can include poor personal hygiene, torn and/or dirty clothes, and untreated need for glasses, dental care, or other medical attention. Frequent absence from or tardiness to school is another form of maltreatment. Child inappropriately left unattended or without supervision is another form of child abuse/neglect.

When a child is suspected of being abused, neglected or placed at imminent risk of serious harm by a member of the staff of a private or public school or an institution that cares for the child, the person in charge of the school or facility must notify the child’s parent or other person responsible for the child’s care that a report has been made. The state’s department of child abuse responsibility is to notify the head of a facility, school or establishment that a report has been made.

Mandated reporters are under no legal duty to notify parents or guardians that they have made a report to a department of child abuse about their child. Nevertheless, depending on
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