Becoming a Pediatrician

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My career choice is to become a pediatrician. The question is: what makes this job so interesting or fantastic enough to be chosen? This job requires many sacrifices, skills, and strengths to endeavor the obstacles on the way to the goal. This particular job is also a very honorable and noble job in the sense of helping children with their illnesses and ailments. Personally, I love children and I’m always fascinated by their actions and interesting techniques of expressing themselves. Since I am intrigued by the children’s personality I love spending time with them (and that’s why their child-like ways rub off on me). Thus, I believe that my own childish personality and my love of children will motivate me in the near future to help them…show more content…
Third, one must complete four years of Medical school. “After a graduate is awarded entry into medical school, the student is required to complete four more grueling years of study in their determined specialty. The specialty in this case would be pediatrics, or medicine dealing with children and their diseases.” ( However, before entering Medical school one must take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The exam’s purpose is to test the skills and knowledge that medical educators and physicians have identified as key requirements for success in medical school and the practice of medicine. Lastly, one must complete a three-year residency in order to become a pediatrician. During residency, medicine will be taught by one caring for patients with a variety of diseases. The more patients one cares for, and the more disease and variations of disease that one will see and treat; the more proficient one will become. “Expect long hours, 80-100 hours per week, minimum wage salaries (at least you start to get paid in residency instead of paying tuition), time away from your family, and little time for social life outside of your workplace.” ( But before one goes to complete one’s three-year residency one must take a three-step standardized

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