Essay on Becoming a Police Officer

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Becoming a Police Officer \Protect and serve. These two words may be simple to any regular citizen. However, they are everything to any police officer. The honorable career of law enforcement is not always an easy one to enter. There are requirements in order to be recruited and employed by any policing agency. In addition to the highly competitive and rigorous application process to become selected as an officer of the law, there are training programs, continued education programs, and other requirements necessary to remain in the career. The first process of becoming an officer is not a step to take lightly. Initially, the applicant must determine whether he or she is mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for the rigorous…show more content…
Citizenship (at hire or in some states within two years of hire). Background: No felony or misdemeanor convictions (other than traffic violations) that would make it illegal to carry a gun or that involve perjury, false statement, moral turpitude, or domestic violence. No history of criminal or improper conduct. No poor employment, military, or driving record that would affect law enforcement work. Valid driver’s license. Responsible financial history. Good moral character. Health: Good health with no conditions that would restrict ability to perform all aspects of police work. Vision and hearing must be tested and successfully corrected, if necessary; color blindness can be disqualifying. Weight must be proportional to height. There is no height requirement. Tests: Written civil service examination, medical examination, psychological examination, tests of physical fitness or agility, voice stress analysis or polygraph test, drug tests. Background and character investigation. Interview. Employment often is conditional on further testing during the periods of orientation, training, and probation as a police recruit. Residency: Becoming a resident in the jurisdiction of hire is a requirement. (The range of residency boundaries can vary significantly by jurisdiction.) Once a police candidate has passed the selection process, he or she is placed on probation, a trial period of one or two years during which the officer is evaluated. This probationary period
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