Becoming a Psychologist

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As a child, I have always spent time with stuffed animals. While most children treated them as their best friends or even ‘students’, I treated mine in a different way. I would sit them down on the sofa and used them as my ‘patients’. Crazy, isn’t it? Even growing up, I was always the counselor to my other cousins. Whenever they argued with a friend or family member, they would turn to me to let all their thoughts out. Considering I was a very open minded child, they all confided in me. Eventually, the odds were not working in my favor and I was the one that needed help. I took advantage of the situation and took it as the opportunity to ask questions about the career I was always interested in. It is safe to say that that was the moment…show more content…
It was also hard finding a job occupation. What other advice can you give me? There isn’t much to be said, but all I can tell you is try. Take a chance at the AP course instead of an honors if you think you can own up to it. Take the chance and you’ll see how it will all fall into place eventually. I can tell that you are very much interested in this career, but I also hope you go onto something greater like a psychologist. After reading the words of therapist who has experience, I realized a few things for myself. She had a point. I could amount to so much more if I put the effort in. My mind about the career changed a bit but it wasn’t drastic. Instead of being a therapist, I want to become a psychologist. I want to spend more time practicing at a career until no more can be done to change it. With that decision, my long journey throughout this careers essay took a different turn than planned. I gathered more and more information about a different career. The more I got into it, the more I realized that this was a career I was certain I would like to pursue. I plan to go to guidance and ask about taking AP courses. I’ll take the Social Development course in the future to get me started. I will spend the next three years of high school working hard. I’ll go to summer programs and look for other programs available throughout the school year. When it comes time to apply for colleges, I will apply to one that has the psychology courses I need to
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