Becoming a Registered Nurse

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Becoming a registered nurse will take a long journey to finish if you found handling money and maintaing good grades in high school too be difficult. You can start by getting into a community college where one can have a second chance, and then be able to transfer to a university, or Cal State, where one will finish nurse school. Throughout the time you are keeping your grades and performance high, your mind can already conceive ways to opening more doors and the opportunities to be able to accomplish the desires you have for the near future. I envision myself getting into a community college , and then transfer my way to a private university where it gives me the opportunity of becoming a successful registered nurse. This is the option I decided to take because I also share the same difficulties that other students have with high school, and lack of money today. It takes every small achievement to grow to be one big success. “Every year college intuition is increasing by six percent” (10 Tips). Cerritos College is one of the cheapest schools that offers good classes, clubs, and programs. It allows graduates from high school to use their time to figure out what they want to major in. If you are planning to transfer to a Cal State or University after you completed the application process. This college allows you to apply online at their website or simply submit it to the Admissions and Records. Step two requires you to take the Assessment
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