Becoming an Effective Practitioner

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It is important for patients and service users to have positive experience in the healthcare settings, making sure they are cared for compassionately, respecting and maintain their dignity at all times (Ellis, 2010; Royal College of Nursing (RCN) (2006). This essay focuses on validity of a qualitative research studies. The aim is to use CASP Tool to critique a research article “Exploring patients’ self-reported experiences of out-of-hours primary care and their suggestions for improvement: a qualitative study” by Poole et al (2011) chosen from the National Health Service (NHS) frame work (2013) domain 4 (Ensuring people have a positive experience of care). Furthermore, CASP will be use to critic this article to know if users have had a negative or positive experience during out-of-hours and to develop on suggested program on improving on services by the service users including the practitioners.
Critical Appraisal skills program (CASP) will be defined and will be later use to critically appraise the research mentioned above. The importance of evidence based (EBP) in healthcare settings would be briefly explained. Lastly validity, strength and weakness of the study would be looked into and to conclude if it’s or not fair enough to be used or modified services to patients and service users in care settings.…
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