Becoming an Orthodontist

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Career Paper Second Draft: The primary job of an orthodontist is to properly align the teeth and ensure that the patient’s facial structure properly grows. An aspiring orthodontist needs about ten years of education. After finishing the education needed, it is possible to operate an orthodontic business with or without another orthodontist. Although it may sound like a lot of work, orthodontists have good pay and they have many advantages. Becoming an orthodontist requires specific education, including: four years of college, four years of dental school, and two to three years of orthodontic residency. (Chaekal). The aspiring orthodontist may major in either health, premedical studies, or life studies. There are also required college…show more content…
Without these assets, people looking to become an orthodontist may not be fit to assume the position. (Chaekal). Work experience is very important for running a business. Without it, it would be rather difficult to run a business due to the fact that the person will be uncertain of what to do. Luckily, an orthodontist receives experience before starting a business through internships, dental school, clinicals, and orthodontic residency school. With education like this, orthodontists constantly review what is to be expected when they operate their own business. Through this the orthodontist is prepared and prepared to fulfill on-the-job duties. Orthodontists has many tasks to complete throughout each day. Although an orthodontist's primary job is to align teeth, and make sure the facial structure of the patient is growing properly, they must also give instructions to dental officers and technical assistants each day. Aside from giving instructions, and the orthodontist must take many steps in caring for their patients. By doing so, the first step in caring for their patient is to analyze their patient’s records. By analyzing the records, they check their medical or dental history, previously made plaster models of teeth, photos of patients face and teeth, and they x-ray the patient. This helps to creates the patient’s plan in order to properly align their teeth, and it gives an estimated cost for their treatment. (Degree Directory, “What Are the Duties of an
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