Bed Bath & Beyond

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Assignment Question 1:

Assessment of BBBY business, operating and expansion strategies

Business Strategy

To offer huge quality branded merchandise at 20% to 40% low prices below department stores. Provide one shop buying by arranging maximum house furnishing items (30,000 SKU) and offer superior service to make buying experience and BBBY so pleasurable that they become “word of mouth advertisers” of BBBY.

Operating Strategy

Store layout, merchandise display and categorization is superb to facilitate easy tracing / location. Individual store managers have liberty to adjust merchandising mix to suit local taste and placing replenishment orders. Purchasing through central office to get maximum margins, low expense
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Comparison of performance with competitors

Exhibit 3 highlighted comparison of performance of BBBY with its competitors. BBBY is out performing its competitors; its gross profit and net profit expressed in percentage of sales are much higher than other store chains. BBBY is turning over its inventory and assets to generate income at a better ratio than others. Sales per square feet of space ROE and sustainable growth rate are surpassing other players in the field. Due to all this company is getting superior price earning ratio (see exhibit 4 for reference)


Company does not have big amount of debt to pay. In 1994 its outstanding debt is only 36.4% of its total assets which is a healthy rate. Its current assets are higher 2.4 times than its current liability. Also company has no outstanding interest to pay. Price earning ratio of 42.80 is highest among the competitors. (Pls. see exhibit 2, 3&4) for details. So we can safely conclude that BBBY has great potential to sustain.

Assignment Question 3:

Potential Problems

BBBY faces both external / internal potential problems while it tactics to implement its expansion plan.

External Problems • Home furnishing industry may not remain strong. • Price war may start due to competition which may put pressure on BBBY’s profit margin. • Sustainability of values and customers satisfaction may become
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