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Bed Time Story "Mum can I have a story before I go to bed?" asked Kathy.

"Yes my dear," replied Lizzie.

"Which one are you going to tell me tonight mum?" asked Kathy in anticipation.

"How about, the one about me and your aunt Laura and the Goblin men," answered Lizzie

"O.K. all tucked in, how does the story start?" asked Kathy

"it starts like this………"

When your aunt Laura and I were young we would hear the Goblin Men crying out what they had to sell like street vendors in a busy market.

Laura and me used to spy on the little Goblin men from bushes, but when I would run away when
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It was as if they had got Laura under their spell and were now after me. I told her that she shouldn't have hung about as she did. I felt really sorry for her and wished that I could share the heavy burden that this mysterious, magical illness had put on her. When Laura was still dwindling and seemed to be knocking on deaths door I decided to act. I took a silver penny from my purse, kissed Laura and left to find the Goblin men and for the first time in my life I purposely listened and looked.

As soon as they saw me peering through a bush at them they all laughed out loud and came hobbling, flying, leaping, towards me clapping, crowing, they praised me as a Queen, they pulled faces at me. When all that was over I said 'Good Folk,' thinking of Jeanie, the one who died from the enchantment that these Goblins had put on their fruit, and on top of here final resting place no flower or grass would every grow. 'Give me as much fruit as I can buy with my silver coin,' and then a throw them my silver coin, but they said that I had too stay, sit and eat it with them they made up lots and lots of excuses for me to stay and eat with them. But I told them that I had to go home to Laura. When they heard that they started stamping on my feet, tore the dress that I was wearing the other things they did to me you should not hear my dear. The nasty little goblin men tried to
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