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Case Analysis: New Bedford Whaling Museum Problem Statement The main question of the case is was it enough what Anne Brengle did over the 11 years of work for the Museum? According to the story, the question means all actions and management changes of the New Bedford Whaling museum Executive director’s style. The Executive Director Anne Brengle faces different challenges over a period of 11 years and leads this non-profit organization (The New Bedford Whaling Museum) to improvement of its condition in every aspect – financial health, new and attractive activities, new programs and improved community interest. Analysis The Executive Director of the Museum begins to restore this organization with clear point of view, that the…show more content…
In 1998, Brengle and the Museum played a key role in establishing the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. The designation as a National Park helped her to bring in wave of tourists to the city and helped the community to develop the streets, homes, and business buildings of the downtown Historic District. That is one of the best example for how she made the community involved. The Blue Whale project was another successful action for community involvement. The Jacobs Family Gallery became the Museum’s center of activity. The Jacobs Family provides the Museum donation of 1 000 000 USD. Later the Museum began to exchange stock with the Azorean Maritime Heritage Society and was gifted 500 000 USD to create the “Azorean Whaleman Gallery”. Many others grants followed in similar way. In 2002 the Museum became part of the U.S. Department of Education’s ECHO project and in this way Anne’s organization connected to many others similar and historical organizations. The Museum received part of 1.7 millions USD for four museums. Anne Brengle made an acquisition of the entire collection of more than 70,000 objects of the Kendall Whaling Museum. With this gift, the Museum expanded its mission to develop the “historic interaction of human with whale“ (citation, Museum’s mission; New Bedford Whaling Museum Case). An action plan became new initiative, which established a mission-driven projects like annual

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