Bedroom Communication Analysis

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While living together you have to be good at communicating what your plans are for the day yourself in general, while taking the viewpoints of those who you are living with into account. The situation that occurred in our room we obviously did not communicate effectively. As I was unaware of the situation that was occurring in our room. We have to effectively communicate and our communication has to be honest, open, and two wayed. We all have to respect what the other is saying and the wishes of others. Communication is a key aspect in making anything run smoothly, and quite obviously Kevin did not communicate what his plans for the night were. With that being said we also decided that one of the major issues with this was that he said that he had some friends over and the friends were inviting their friends. As you saw at the hearing it seemed like there was a lot of different groups of people that came separately and didn't know Kevin or other people in the room. So another thing we decided would have prevent the situation from happening was, setting limits, and following the school limit for guests allowed in the room, as well as being able to say no to people if it is going to exceed the limit. Communicating when other roommates are not present in the room, such as myself and Zach…show more content…
We have to be open as well as have a two sided conversation. This means that we don't just hear what each other have to say, but we have to listen, and take their opinions into account and follow the wishes of every room member. This goes both ways. It is ok to have friends over, and a social aspect of college is important, however we have to be accountable and hold our roommates accountable and make them follow the University guidelines, and expect them to follow the guidelines especially when they are in our room as its is also our living area and responsibility that they guidelines be followed
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