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Bedstone's Gentrification

Firstly I feel it would be a very sensible idea to write down my definition of gentrification, as at the end of the day that is what this coursework is about.

"Conversion and renovation of redundant farm buildings into dwellings or different crafts by changing the structure (façade) of them to get it up to date, essentially modernisation. This is often done by wealthier people moving in from the outside community and results in a raise of the settlements' socio-economic status, i.e. the community goes from a working class one into a middle class one due to people moving in. Also there is a change of a villages' function\ purpose to its community."

However, has
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Using my definition this is one sign that Bedstone has undergone gentrification and to a considerable degree.

Another clear sign that gentrification has happened in Bedstone is the movement of people into the village from the outside community. This is part of my definition of gentrification and has clearly happened here. Two of my graphs clearly portray this as well as showing the true extent of it. From one graph you can see that the majority of people have moved into the village in the last five years, 50% in fact. This shows the sudden influx of people into the village. Overall 62.5% of people have moved in the last ten years and only 17% of the whole village population have lived there longer than twenty! From another graph you can see that 61% of people in the village have moved from outside the county some as far a field as Scotland and Devon.

As mentioned before workers who did their jobs at the school, inn, and diary or on the farms populated Bedstone. Basically this was a working class village with every adult working. Things like retirement and pensions were neither heard of nor apparent at that time. However, as the village population diminished and the services went things changed. The population fell continually from 162 in 1891 to just 75 in 1961. However, soon retirement become part of culture, our country became wealthier and so did
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