Bee Decline Is A Significant Sustainability Issue Of Today 's Environment

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a. Identify the Issue
Bee decline is a significant sustainability issue of today’s environment. Bees are in decline due to multiple interacting causes. These causes are diseases and parasites, use of pesticides, monoculture and flowerless landscapes (Spivak, 2013). The diseases and parasites cause bees to become ill. This makes it harder for bees to access food, as they are required to travel large distances due to large monocultures and flowerless landscapes, since changes in farming practices after WWII, when cover crops of clover and alfalfa, which are nutritious for bees, were no longer used (Spivak, 2013). The increased use of pesticides also causes bee decline, due to bees consuming them, causing death, or not finding their way back to the hive due to intoxication.

Bee decline is a sustainability issue due to it affecting environmental, economical and socio-cultural concepts. The decline in bees affects the environment due to the need for interdependence. All species play a role in the ecosystem; therefore damage in one area of the system through the decline of the bees causes change to other areas (Littledyke, 2009). This is due to flowering plants requiring pollination. Without bees providing pollination, the plants cannot produce food crops and reproduce to form other plants, causing decreases in the biodiversity of plant species (The University of Waikato, 2012). This not only affects biodiversity of plants, but also means other animal life is affected as food…
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