Bee Husbandry Has A Long Tradition

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Bee husbandry has a long tradition throughout the world, with many areas developing their own unique practices. Some practices have become so successful in their native region that they have been imported by other regions to facilitate honey and wax production. One region in particular has developed technology and techniques without which beekeeping would have been significantly retarded in its development. The Carniolan region of Europe, now in Slovenia, formerly in Yugoslavia and before that the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is home to one of the most successful and rich traditions of Bee husbandry within the sphere of contemporary knowledge. The Slavic people of Carniola have developed techniques of disease management, revolutionized hive technology with their reusable Carniolan hives, and developed a splendid variety of folk art in which the wooden panels of beehives are painted. It is upon these hive paintings that this essay will focus, analyzing their content and themes in order to illuminate this beautiful form of folk art. In accomplishing this, background will be provided on the Carniolan beekeeping tradition so that these paintings can be seen for what they are: a grassroots celebration of proud tradition. It is from Carniola, in modern day Slovenia, that the Carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica) takes its name. This variety of honey bee, the second most common variety used in modern apiculture, was produced in Carniola, a product of centuries of selection on…
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