Bee Outline

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Preparation Outline Introduction » Bees have a place in our world that is important beyond our understanding. > The small little insect, that some may swat away at, works tirelessly around us to pollinate and present the possibility of further human development on earth. » Did you know that bees pollinate the majority of our fruits and vegetables? > Global Research of CA has found that just within the last five years, “30% of the national bee population has disappeared and nearly a third of all bee colonies in the U.S. have perished.” (Statistic, Global Research Of California) • Bees are going extinct at this high rate due to climate change, pesticides, diseases, and parasites. > Honeybees and the other pollinators have the…show more content…
» Pollination is essentially plant reproduction - without help from animal pollinators, our everyday food supply would look much different > One third of our staples we’ve come to rely on would no longer be available. > Without bees, we would be struggling to find how to replace the major amount of food they helped produce. Transition: Although pollination is important, bees provide us with a ton of other benefits that advance out lives as well. (Explanation) Body #2 » Pollinating flowers and contributing to the beautification of the planet’s landscapes may be the bees’ perhaps simplest and least economically important actions, but it’s certainly its most aesthetically pleasing one. » We don’t need a beautiful planet to live, but wouldn’t life be nicer if everything was prettier. > Without bees, we would be left with dead, unfertilized plants that would change the look of our world indefinitely. » Aside from just beautification, bees also promote biodiversity. > It is important that we get our food, but bees also help fertilize different species and make it so we aren’t just eating one plant, but that we have hundreds of different types of produce to choose from. • Bees help fertilize many things, ranging from fruits and vegetables, to different types of nuts and seeds. • Our food supply would be much simpler without all the things bees help produce. » Not only do bees just help other plants produce their produce, they also
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