Bee Population Appraisals

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My following idea could promote bee population regrowth and overall hive health. Over time this will enable crop growth and stimulate the industry as well as secure food for the world even with our self-destructive environmental habits. Bees are very essential to pollination and almost all of our food depends on it weather its fruit, vegetables, or meat. This importance is obvious in the food chain as plants themselves depend on pollination to spread their generations and many animals depend on those plants for food and many other animals depend on those animals for food. We eat the fruits of plants and vegetables and we eat both the predator animals and the prey, even if the predators are not so evident in our day to day diets. Although plants…show more content…
These pesticides are dangerous to them as they lead to death, disorientation, and diminished immune systems. Obviously death for this underrated Meta species is a natural occurrence just like it is to many others, but too much of it can lead to unbalanced populations and colony declines as they will become less and less self-sustainable. This not only harms the bees themselves but cripples industries and other species that depend on bees in some way which is a lot. Disorientation leads to the bees getting lost and never returning to the colonies so they wander around mindlessly lost. This makes colonies decline. Diminished immune systems are also a problem as not only do they have to worry about what our “safe” chemicals do to them but they also have to face the microscopic threat of bacteria, viruses, amoebas, fungi, and parasites. This leads to even greater declines for colonies as the chemicals and lack of self-sustainability makes them incredibly prone to get these illnesses. With all these things working in conjunction against the bees the can very easily go extinct this century if nothing is
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