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1. The Beef Jerky and Lettuce & Broccoli chips products are new and unique in Vietnam and will be easy to differentiate. Describe how your products are to develop sustainable competitive advantage in Vietnam. 8

2. Distribution network 10

3. Pricing strategy 11

4. Marketing communication 13

5. The extended marketing mix 14

6. Marketing mix of Beef Jerky and Lettuce & Broccoli chips 16

7. Business to business and business to consumers 18

8. International market and domestic market 19


How can we launch an effective business?
There are many company has been successful with their business. They used to start with small businesses. Taking risk
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Product follows system: distributors >> wholesalers>> resellers>> end user. In Vietnam, this type of distribution is quite popular. Vietnam has a large resellers system. People are used buying product from resellers and use cash for every trading activity. Vinamit is a typical example for indirect distribution. Product of company focus on supermarket systems such as CO-OP mart, Big C, Citimart, Maximark, Metro, Sai Gon, Ha Noi, Super Bowl, and Vinatex.

Special sales are a part of indirect distribution. We sell product to someone other than end user. Vinamit should apply this type of distribution to increase sales. In this case, product commonly uses in parties, people eat for fun. Company should sell product to bars, or karaoke bars with discount price.

Direct marketing does not use distribution network. Distributors deal directly with the buyers. This involves selling through direct mail, telemarketing, and email.

To develop domestic market share, Vinamit can use indirect distribution strategy. Company can use direct marketing to take competitive advantage when launch new products or new oversea markets.
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Pricing Strategy

As same as many other companies, setting up good price strategies are very important for Vinamit. Price is a part of marketing mix. It changes frequently, and directly affects to business activities. Changing of the price can decide the
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