Beer Company Segmentation

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IV. Market Strategies of Selected Brands Anheuser Busch Companies Demographic: From the market analysis portion of the paper we already established that internationally, Anheuser is expanding both into the Asian and Latin American markets. But typically what segment of the market do they target specifically? Well currently, the company is making an attempt to target the female population. Michelob Ultra is being marketed in women's magazines like cosmopolitan and other AB brands are placed on woman-focused channels such as Oxygen and Lifetime. Women however aren't the only focus. With the recent focus being on FMB's, the most consistent and continuous market has been the 21-27-age bracket, mostly college students. It's Bacardi…show more content…
Miller Brewing Company Demographic: Many breweries realize the potential of the growing Hispanic market and Miller is no different. Especially important, 75% of the Hispanic population is under 45 years old- a prime age group for beer consumption. Hispanics are the most brand-loyal demographic among beer consumers. However this is not the only segment that it targets. Miller is tailored to the contemporary drinker minimum age 24. Commercials for products such as Miller Light show the masculine image of men in masculine environments. Most of Miller products are marketed in a way where they will attract the high-end buyer that will pay a little more and conscientious of high quality. While Anheuser Busch's Bud Light targets the younger generation, Miller Light's targets the older demographic with the minimum age being 24. A segment that has been omitted in the marketing strategies of many products not just the beer industry has been the homosexual population. Miller hopes to capitalize off this market to regain its position as No.1 in the industry by targeting all areas of the market. Geographic: In July 2002 Miller Brewing Company merged with South African Breweries plc, making Miller a subsidiary of the #2 brewer in the world. It became the first international brewery to establish a presence in Central America. As its top competitor, Anheuser Busch, it is expanding into the Latin and Asian markets.

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