Beer Is The Alcoholic Beverage Of Choice

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Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks and has played a role in human history for roughly 8,000 years. Beer is the alcoholic beverage of choice in North America and many other parts around the world. It has shaped the culture of human civilization, social interaction and has had a significant contribution to our economy. In order to get a proper perspective on beer you have to look at three main periods; ancient history (the development period), modernization of beer and its effects, and what role beer plays today and where it is going. Archaeologists have uncovered ancient Babylonian beer recipes engrave on clay tablets as early as 3500 B.C. This early beer was very crude and many people today would probably not consider drinking it today as it had bread chunks and had the consistency similar to porridge. To drink this ancient beer people would consume it using straws to filter out sediment and large chunks. Once Beer started to become more popular and commercialized, the first set of laws regulating it were set in place by the Babylonians. Paragraph 108 in the “Code of Hammurabi” stated and if anyone were caught selling beer for cash instead of corn in order to cheat their customers, they would be drowned as a punishment. The law also put restrictions on ordinary women from drinking beer with the exception of priestesses who could consume it freely. These laws date back to 1754 BC and since this date, beer has been regulated by society. Beer, during the Babylonian
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