Beer Simulation

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Root Beer Simulation At the outset, I have to acknowledge that I had a problem with this simulation. Initially, in my first two orders, I confused the backlog and inventory sections, so that I believed I had a significant surplus in inventory. Therefore, rather than minimizing the bullwhip of supply and demand, I exacerbated the problem by limiting my supply well below the number of orders coming in, much less below what I could fill with the backlog and incoming orders. This error on my part certainly led to increasing instability, not only in my own incoming orders, but also in the entire supply chain. The simulation also kept auto-filling my initial order, which was only 10,000 cases, despite me ordering a significantly larger number of cases. I could not get the simulation to operate properly and allow me to place a larger order. It kept auto-ordering the 10,000 cases. I could not get it to place an order other than 10,000 cases. Because of this glitch, I continued to increase my backlog. I simply could not order more than 10,000 cases. I address this issue because the glitch certainly impacted my opinion of the computer simulation as a means of learning. In this scenario, the initial computer simulation was absolutely worthless as a learning tool. I made an error in my first order, but I do not think that error was meaningful. Instead, it appears that whatever number of cases I placed in my initial order would be the number of cases ordered over the next several
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