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A documentary film made in 2009, Beer wars features and describes the American beer industry distinguishing between the large and small breweries. The large breweries feature some main corporate companies like Coors Brewing Company, Anheuser-Busch, and Miller Brewing Company whereas the small breweries include craft beer producers like Moonshot 69, Stone Brewing Company, Dogfish Head Brewery, Yuengling, and others. The documentary shows how the beer market is controlled through advertising and lobbying, which is harmful for the competition in the market. There is a reason why the small companies are falling behind and the large corporates are controlling the market, which in turn makes it essentially oligopoly economy.
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The film depicts an insight of the beer industry and its current state in America. It shows some unexplored or hidden facts and journey of the beer industry which is intended to interest the beer lovers. Beer Wars film describes the daily battles in the beer industry between well-established corporate beer brands and some of the upcoming innovative beer breweries. The independent and the small breweries introduce new and innovative craft beer in this high profitable beer industry.
The documentary shows how the two small beer entrepreneurs, Rhonda and Sam try to establish themselves in the beer industry and success in the high potential market. The film shows that the beer industry is governed by some difficult and outdated laws along with an oligopoly of the large brands. These large brands manipulate the beer industry by acquiring and buying off the smaller brands which they find competitive among the market. The small brewers thus face difficulties and barriers establishing themselves in the American beer industry. The big giants like the Coors Brewing Company, Anheuser-Busch, and the Miller Brewing Company face challenge from the independent craft beer producers when these new brands are put on shelves; so they seek ways to prevent distribution and production of these small brands, which is harmful for the competition in the beer industry. Sam Calagione and Rhonda Kallman are considered as small entrepreneurs in the beer industry who struggle from the large brands, the difficult laws, and the less competitive but highly profitable

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