Bees And Its Effect On Our Lives

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What is usually the initial reaction of an individual that has been stung by a bee? Kill it. However, this go to reaction of many people is just one of the few ways adding to the obliteration of bees. Bees have been around for millions of years, and now within the past fifty years, bee colonies are dropping to staggering low numbers. This is a problem. All around the world, people need to realize that these bees are greatly under-appreciated workers and action needs to be taken to protect them. Our world is going to suffer both ecologically and economically if we continue to loose bees at such drastic rates, this is why such measures need to be taken in order for these bees to brought to their former glory. (HISTORY) Bees have been around for millions of years. However, within the last fifty years, bee colonies have been dropping continuously. Colony Collapse Disorder, also known as CCD, accounts for how bees either die or leave their hive behind. Thus leaving the queen, honey, and immature bees all alone with no care (Agricultural Research Service). While it is normal to loose about 10% of hives every year, beekeepers are noticing how this number continues to rise. In the winter of 2006, it was being reported that average amount of hives lost was 30-90% (Agricultural Research Service). While these numbers are extremely high, Jeff Anderson, a beekeeper from Minnesota and California, points out that the official statistics form the federal Department of Agriculture only

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