Beethoven : An Incredible Career

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Beethoven had an incredible career. At the age of seven, Ludwig Van Beethoven gave his first public performance at Cologne on March 26th, 1778. At the age of twelve, Beethoven published his first work Nine variations in C Minor in 1782. The following year, Neefe wrote about his student Beethoven, “If he continues like this, he will be, without a doubt, the new Mozart” in the Magazine of Music. Ludwig Van Beethoven was appointed organist of the court of Maximillian Franz, the Elector of Cologne at 14 years old in June 1784. Being an organist introduced him new social circles. He met new people who became his lifetime friends: The Ries family, the Von Breuning family, and the charming Elenore, Karl Amenda, Franz Gerhard Wegeler. Beethoven’s musical talent caught Prince Maximillian Franz’ attention, and he sent Beethoven to Vienna to further his musical education with Mozart in 1787. Vienna was the capital city of culture and music at that time. Allegedly, Mozart said “Don’t forget his name (Beethoven) – you will hear it spoken often!” After being in Vienna for a while, Beethoven received a letter stating that his mother was dying. One scholar wrote, “The only person in his family with whom he had developed a strong and loving relationship with, passed away on July 17th 1787”. In 1792, Beethoven returned to Vienna to pursue his musical education again after receiving another grant by the Prince Elector. Beethoven composed Opus 1, the Trios for Piano in 1794. In 1795,…

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