Beethoven And Liszt Piano Concerto No

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Throughout the centuries, there were a variety of genres in the music literature, Concerto, one of the most substantial and lasting genres of all time, was sought after by many composers. It initially emerged in seventeenth century, and later developed into the idea of concerto grosso in the baroque period. By the time of Beethoven and Liszt, concerto had grown into a rather mature genre of music. It is obvious that their predecessors, including Bach, Haydn, and Mozart, put their tremendous amount of efforts to push the pace of progress on this genre. Both Beethoven and Liszt’s genius on music are more or less influenced by those previous “giants.” However, Beethoven and Liszt’s own wit and originality are never questionable throughout the entire music history. In Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 and Liszt Piano Concerto No. 1, they remarkably demonstrate their gift on each piece. Besides, if taking the comparison between these two compositions into account, based on the different biographical background of these two composers, their compositional approaches toward tonality, structure, and thematic transformation lead these two piano concertos into two distinctive paths.
The biographical background of Beethoven about his Piano Concerto No. 5 indicates a sense of heroism. It is written in 1809, and dedicated to Archduke Rudolph, who is Beethoven’s patron and composition student. According to Finson, this piano concerto is considered written in Beethoven’s “heroic” period along…
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