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“ the cast majority of people suffering is still one of the fundamental characteristics of life, and it is their realization that an experience of suffering, pure and profound, enters as an integral part into
Beethoven’s greatest work, that helps to give that work its unique place in the minds and hearts of men.';(Marek, 634) These words of compassion come from J. W. N. Sullivan during Ludwig van Beethoven’s funeral. They express the regret and sense of loss felt by people all over the world as they caught news of his end. Beethoven was and is a cornerstone for music of all kinds in that he combined new color, imagination, structure and expression to further capitulate the evolution of this great form
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Chapter 2: His life and works.

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in the second half of the 18th century when the age of curiosity was prominent. Society at the time was beginning to question many old beliefs, customs, and religions. There were advances in astronomy, geography and chemistry, proving that the world was ready for a revolution of innovation and excitement.
Beethoven was born on December 17, 1770 in Bonn, Germany. Bonn was a pleasant city. It was very old and very rich in tradition. Its location was on the western bank of the Rhine River which offered protection form intruders.(Marek, 26-7) It was a close knit community and there was a good balance between business and recreation. It may be safe to say that some of
Beethoven’s compassion was sparked by his environment of fertile resources that the town of Bonn provided.
“The boy was looking out of the window, his hands cradled in his hands. His mien was werious, his glance rigid. Cacilia Fischer came along the courtyard and saw him. ‘How are you, Ludwig?’ she shouted up to him.
No answer. She said, ‘Well, no answer in an

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