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Like many people of this time period Beethoven was affected by the French Revolution, the enlightenment and romantic periods; in 1789 the French Revolution was raging and people were dying. The French general Napoleon defeated France’s enemies and inspired Beethoven with ideas of freedom and equality. It was because those inspirations that Beethoven was going to dedicated his Third Symphony, Erocia which means heroic to him, that was until Napoleon decided to declared himself emperor, which made him so angry that he viciously scratched out the dedication. (Alvarez 2006-2007)
He was also influence by nature and especially the country side. This is evident by his sixth Symphony, Pastoral which means simple country, below
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The middle period is thought to begin shortly after his personal crisis brought about by his recognition of his deafness. This period include large-scale works that express heroism and struggle. The late period is thought to begin around 1815. This period is characterized by the intellectual depth, formal innovation, intensity and high personal expression. (Ludwig van Beethoven 2011)
Early Years
Born December 16, 1770; although there is some debate about his actual date of birth, but according to traditions of that time period children were christened within 24-hours of their birth and Ludwig van Beethoven was christened on December 17, 1770 at the Parish of St. Regius. He was born to Johann and Magdalena Keverich van Beethoven of Flemish descent at 515 Bonngasse, Bonn Germany.
Eyewitness said that Johann was and ill-tempered man who would beat music lessons into his young son. There is speculation that he would force the young Ludwig to play the violin for his father’s drunken friends. Johann was a particular fan of the bottle too. Even though he was very fond of his mother, she too had an alcoholic problem due in part to the loss of several children. Of the seven children, only three of the children survived, Ludwig, Johann, and Karl. Eventually, she was placed with nuns to live out days. Young Ludwig is said to have a fairly

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