Beethoven 's Life And Life

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Beethoven was born on December 16th 1770 in Germany. He was baptized on December 17th 1770 at Bonn. His mother and father were originally from Brabant Belgium. Beethoven’s mother was a very kind and gentle women, he called her his best friend. His father was a musician and had a problem drinking alcohol. He had six other siblings, which were three brothers named, Kaspar, Nikolaus, and Franz. His sister’s names were Maria, Anna Maria and Ludwig Maria. Beethoven was very interested in music at a young age. His father taught him every day and every night. Sometimes his father would get very intoxicated in the middle of the night and go wake up Beethoven and have him play the piano for hours throughout the night. Everyone new that he had a gift and was going to shine in the near future. Beethoven started to perform in front of crowds at the young age of seven and a half years old, but when he performed his father told the audience that he was younger because he wanted him to get recognized as a prodigy. Beethoven’s father got him into his first recital on March 26th 1778. A recital is a performance of a program of music by a solo instrumentalist or singer or by a small group. When he registered him he said that he was six years old, which was how old Mozart was when he started to perform. Beethoven’s father continued on with his false age throughout his life. Beethoven actually thought he was much younger than his actual age due to the fact that he was told by his father…
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