Beetlejuice Analytical Review

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In the movie Beetlejuice, the theme is that the afterlife is not really the end for us all; we live on a multiple level world between life and death, and need to respect the dead. The theme is idealistic and not applicable in real life to all people. Throughout the movie, Burton reveals his take on the living and life after death and the delicate interaction between the two. The character Otho, played by Glenn Shadix is key to Burton’s interpretation and scrutiny of the afterlife. Throughout the film Otho makes comments about the dead and even goes as far to steal The Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Otho comments on those who commit suicide and how they become civil servant s in the afterlife. Barbra and Adam Maitland, played by Geena …show more content…
Adam swerves the steering wheel while over a bridge to avoid hitting a dog, and as a result the car is teetering over the edge of the bridge towards the river; the only thing keeping Adam and Barbra from their tragic death is a dog who’s weight on a single plank is sustaining the balance of the car. Oddly enough, the dog they saved was the one who sent them to their watery grave. It is uncommon in movies to kill off the main characters early on in the film, but Burton did so in order to show the audience the shift in the main characters circumstances. The Maitlands return home soaking wet, without knowing that they are dead but know that something is off; Barbra informs Adam of her arm feeling frozen, and the two go towards the fire to warm up where Barbra’s hand catches fire. Adam is in a frenzy and flees the dark and barley lit home and is sent into another dimension (Saturn) where he encounters the giant vicious sandworms and is brought back to “reality” with the help of his wife. The stop motion special effects for creatures like the Sandworms look like they were jumping towards the audience, without the need of 3D glasses. The Maitlands find the Handbook for the Recently Deceased and comically comment that it reads like stereo instructions. Adam and Barbra find a filler in the handbook for a bio-exorcist named Betelguese who specializes in the removal of human intruders. This is the first time we are introduced to
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