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Assignment II – Intake Session Assignment & Treatment Plan 1) Identify what additional information you would need to begin treatment with this client? One of the most important aspects of counseling is to learn how your client copes with their struggles. I found that this was not covered in the “Karen” intake. If I were to go back and complete an assessment with her, I would most definitely cover this topic in further detail, specifically with her traumatic event with her own personal experience with her car accident as well as losing her father to a car accident. I could always assume that she has chose to cope with the traumatic event of being in the car accident by isolative behavior as well as disengagement from social events…show more content…
There are special considerations that need take place before someone get introduced to group; however, because it has the potential to trigger the individual and create a crisis in their life. Therefore, I would be careful to not place her in group too soon without knowing that she has healthy coping skills to handle the anxiety that may come from group therapy (Nilmadhab, 2011). In addition to CBT and Group I would utilize exposure therapy with Karen, which would allow her to have less fear of her memory of the car accident by repeatedly speaking about her trauma (Zoellner, Feeny, Bittinger, Bedard-Gilligan, Slagle, Post, & Chen, 2011). Karen has learned to fear thoughts, feelings, and situations, as well as her close relationships that remind her of car accidents. I would help Karen talk about the trauma in hopes of helping her control her feelings and avoidance of the topic. Karen was very hesitant in discussing the car accident itself. She described it but did not seem to have the desire to discuss how the car accident made her feel; therefore, it would be critical to bring these feelings out of her and expose her to those feelings and emotions (Zoellner, et. al., 2011). Karen would learn to not be afraid of these feelings and memories from the car accident. I would also utilize eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, which is commonly used for individuals suffering from post traumatic

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