Before Coming Into The Seminar Program, I Had No Idea What

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Before coming into the seminar program, I had no idea what to expect. Being reserved and shy at times, I did not know how to approach the class. However, with an open and welcoming environment, topics were much more approachable and easier to talk about. Overall, I believe the seminar program will continually shape the way I think about the readings and real world scenarios. There was a big distinction when reading some of these books after reading them in high school: the discussions were well thought out and more in depth. I have found that over the course of the semester, I have grown in several ways. The readings had different impacts on the way I was critically analyzing, and how I was able to talk about them. On a holistic level, I…show more content…
While reading The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, we discussed if it would be appropriate to eliminate the underlined portions of the text, and the discussion led in two ways: the paper was written at the time to state a purpose and declare independence, therefore it would be inappropriate to remove something which was used as apart of our independence and history. On the other hand, some believed parts should have been eliminated due to the change in time and beliefs. The Critical Strategies And Great Questions suggest that “pursue new and enriched understandings of the texts through sustained collaborative inquiry” (ix). I firmly appreciate having these discussions because my understanding broadened and has also improved since the beginning of seminar 1. I feared I would never be able to speak up or participate, but as the course went on I became more comfortable and acquainted with my surroundings, it felt as though I was having a regular conversation with my peers. As the class progressed, I felt as though I was understanding the readings better, which allowed for my participation to increase over time. During the first couple readings, I was hesitant about speaking up and asking the class any questions which I did not understand, but I realized at the end of the day we are all there to work through all the questions and piece by piece come to a conclusion. Although I am still quite shy, I think seminar has helped with my ability to talk and voice any

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