Before Going Into Details Of Telecommunication (Telecom)

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Before going into details of Telecommunication (Telecom) domain, let us first understand what Domain knowledge is and why it is important in Software Industry:
In the past the testing was carried out only specific to application and there was not much involvement of domain. But now a day with advancement in technology, demand, client expectation it is highly important to have specific domain knowledge to test the specific application. The domain knowledge is more and more essential since testers having domain knowledge can test respective software better than others who have little or no knowledge of the domain.
Domain means the specific industry like Banking, Insurance Telecom etc. Usually while developing any project or software domain
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4. Knowledge on the Technical Terms of the domain
Usually a developer uses technical terms during discussion so for a tester domain knowledge is helpful during such discussion. This will give added advantage to the testing team. If a tester has domain knowledge then they can review the test cases technically and can able to compare the business requirement and the test case flow.

5. Understanding of business processes and rules
Testers with domain knowledge can take participate in discussion with business team and development team. Their knowledge will play vital role while representing organization in front of the client. Such testers having detailed knowledge of domain processes and rules can easily spot issues in the requirement document.
6. Asset to the organization
Testers with the domain knowledge can play a role of trainer to the new joiners in the organization. This again saves costs for project and organization which may require for special trainer or coaching.
Overview of Telecom Domain
Telecom industry is becoming top performing industry in last few years. This industry has unique set of challenges from technology front and customer demands due to its wide range of different sectors. Telecom industry consists of set of sectors like wireless communication, satellite communication, Internet Service Provider etc. Telecom industry builds, maintain and operates telecommunication network and it makes communication possible globally through
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