Before Night Falls Analysis

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Before Night Falls tells the story of Reinaldo Arenas, a Cuban writer who suffered for many years and dealt with tragic circumstances all throughout his life. Living during Fidel Castro’s harsh regime as a homosexual male led to several years of torture, for he was imprisoned, but ultimately set free. Additionally, his writing was bold and went against everything that Castro represented, and he took extreme risks to get his work published in other countries. The world heard the prolific voice of Arenas, while the Cuban government, his fellow writers, and even his lovers tried to silence him. Arenas was an extremely important figure in Latin culture. This is not simply because his work was profound; his life gives us a deeper look at the difficulties of struggling with homosexuality, masculinity, and finding freedom. He embodies resilience, charisma, determination, and at the same time fragility, weakness and pain. Arenas is not defined by the typical Spanish embodiment of masculinity. His homosexuality is what truly defines his character, his shortcomings, his relationships and his writing. From the beginning of the film, it is clear that he has no interest in women, as we see him as a young man with a female prostitute in a club, completely void of emotion. Later, we see him meet Pepe who offers him a ride and fondles his leg which Reinaldo initially brushes off. However, Pepe is the one who provides Reinaldo with a typewriter, which acted as a catalyst for their
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