Before Taking A Medical Oath, Every Nursing Trainee Should

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Before taking a medical oath, every nursing trainee should realize the ideal image of the profession to abide by. The press, as well as the public, ensures a constant vigilance of nurses by honesty, trust, and ethics. Despite the significant change in the portrayal of nurses in the modern era, each of them is charged with an individual responsibility of maintaining a untarnished general overview. Protocols and set guidelines have sharpened the knowledge and experience in the nursing profession. The nurses have a duty to address the negativity surrounding the noble profession. Negativity interferes with the proper delivery of healthcare. Image presentation which may be through the dressing style, piercings and tattoos portray a very…show more content…
The role of nursing has also been underappreciated over the years by the public (Hoeve et al., 2013). Over the last three decades, nursing has gone through distinctive stages regarding professionalization. It is closely related to the aspects of research and practice, which are co-related since research and theory advance the practice. Despite the development of various examination levels of Masters, Bachelor, and Doctorate, Nightingale and Henderson remain the pinnacles of the practice in the 19th and 20th Century. The media plays the biggest role in the diminishing of nursing as a profession citing constant comparison with the medical profession (Donahue, 1998). In recent academic research, I interviewed three respondents, two female and one male about their opinions on their image of the nurse. The first respondent was Edna Armut, a thirty-year-old single mother. Edna stated, “Nurse-assistant of the doctor, angle of the hospital, which helps out everyone. A person always is the first one who claims the patient down in emergency. They know how to make people feel the most comfortable in an uncomfortable scenario. They work overtime and even herself or himself is sick will still care about the patients first. A role has strong communication between the patients, doctors and with patient’s visitors relatives” (personal communication, April 25, 2017). The other female respondent was Silva Koroglu, a

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