Before anyone can start talking about entrepreneurship in America, one must first know what

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Before anyone can start talking about entrepreneurship in America, one must first know what entrepreneurship is. According to Webster’s Dictionary, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. While when we think of being an entrepreneur we always seem to think business, however when we look at that definition of being an entrepreneur it seems that our country was founded on entrepreneurship. Our great land of the United States as we know it today was started with a considerable initiative and a huge amount of risk which we know from history as the revolutionary war. But entrepreneurship in America started way before any of the early settlers…show more content…
This year you needed a net worth of at least $1.3 billion.( The drive of these people to obtain a better live for them and their families often leads to innovations for everyone in society to enjoy. Consider someone like Isaac Singer. He obtained an apprenticeship at a machine shop at age 19 and developed a talent for making useful instruments. While initialing selling a patent for a rock drill for a merger $2000 to pursue acting (Gordon 6), he eventually amass a fortune going back to his roots and inventing the first sewing machine. While technically it wasn’t the very first one, it was the first one that actually worked. It revolutionized an entire industry doing what would normally take someone 14 hours by hand in less than 10% of the original time. By the time Isaac Singer’s death in 1875, not only did he have a lot of money but with his help America’s economy transformed with the emergence of giant corporations doing business in producing clothing employing thousands of Americans. It is the stories of the 10% of Americans like this that help to employee most of the workforce outside of governmental institutions today. When there is a drive there will be innovation. Needs drives people in our society to invent new machines, processes, and innovations to current products. The future of America will continue to lie in the hands of entrepreneurs. As we look for new ways of harvesting energy for our homes and cars, and alternative methods of producing food
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