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Beggarland “Beggarland” is a British short story written by Alan Sillitoe. The short story was first published in the 1990s in a women’s magazine called “Women and Home”. The short story is mainly about a mother called Jane that needs to finish her book during the summer, so she hires a nanny from the north called Greta to watch her two kids Ben and Angela. Greta takes the kids out regularly and the kids get attached to her. One day Jane stumbles upon a beggar and two kids in the underground and discovers that it is Greta and that she has been taking the kids down in the underground for some time to beg for money. This is insulting in Jane’s opinion, but surprisingly the story ends happily as Jane forgives Greta. Two very…show more content…
Another thing to notice by the language is the way, the different accents appear. An example of this can be found in the way Greta, the au pair from the north, pronounces her words: “I am ‘ungry (…) I ‘ope so.”. The structure of the story is at first glance simple, but as the reader reads in to it, the structure gets a little more complicated. The story is told in a chronological way and it stretches over several days, maybe weeks. But there is a sense of flashbacks to the story and it jumps from different scenes, just like in a movie. An example of this can be found on the last page, where it says: “Greta was packing her case after supper. Where would she go at this time of night? Apart from that, who told her she had to leave? “We’ll send them off to RADA,” Tim had said, taking nothing seriously.” This shows the reader what Tim had said during dinner, while the story continues in the present. Beggarland is a short story told by a third person omniscient narrator, as the narrator knows what every character feels and says. The narrator follows Jane the most as she generally is the story’s focus. This is an advantage for the reader because he or she gets a more nuanced picture of the story. There are two main characters in the short story where both characters symbolise and represent two different worlds. The first character is Jane who represents wealth in the story. She is a writer, a wife and a mother and has to

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