Beginning Your Search for Your Family Tree

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Many people have, at least at one point in their lives, had great curiosity about family members who came before them and whom they never met. Many of us have a vague notion that we come from immigrants to America who were fleeing a famine in Ireland or war in Europe or Central America, or political persecution in other parts of the world. Still others know that they had family members from another part of the globe who came to America to search for a better life, full of more promising opportunity.
Whatever the case, people are drawn to learn more. Starting out to do research on your family tree can seem a bit daunting, if not overwhelming. But there are some simple steps to follow that will get you started.
First, start by understanding that most family tree research projects are very long term endeavors. These histories can go back hundreds of years and trace across wide swaths of the globe. And, the path of the research is often not linear; you will likely start and stop and start again on the same line of inquiry over and over as new information becomes available.
The best place to start is typically the easiest. There is already quite a bit of long-standing family history embedded in the memories and stories held by your living relatives. You can start by having conversations with them on a one-on-one basis, or by gathering them together in a room. Often times, these stories are so deeply engrained in people that having a conversation going among others helps to spur
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