Beginning to the Great Alaskan Race

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In 1925 a diphtheria epidemic broke out in the small Alaskan town of Nome. With the town at the risk of death they urgently needed an antiserum. So twenty dogs sled teams relayed the serum from the town of Nenana to Nome. The hardships of the dogs and mushers went through along with the hero dogs, and teams of mushers and dogs will forever be alive in Alaskan history.This journey is a gratifying accomplishment and a proud moment in Alaskan history. There were twenty teams of dogs varying from seven dogs to twenty-three dogs with a total of over a hundred dogs running from town to town carrying a life saving serum to the people of Nome. These teams of dogs carried the antiserum from Nenana to Nome. William Shannon picked up the serum in Nenana from the steam train that had brought it from Anchorage. As the first team to handle the serum they took off with a fast start. The lead dog Blackie guided the team fifty-two miles from Nenana to Tolovana. They serum was passed from musher to musher until Edgar Kalland picked the serum up in Nine Mile he was the seventh musher to have the serum. He took the serum to Kokrines through temperatures of forty-four degrees below zero. Another musher that handled the serum through harsh conditions was, Charlie Evans. He took the serum thirty miles from Bishop Mountain to Nulato. It was negative sixty-four degrees on the trail when he had the serum. Due to the weather he lost his two lead dogs.He lost them to extreme exposure in a small
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