Behavior Analyst Certification Board ( Bacb )

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Introduction Behavior analysts are one of many helping professions that exist in the world. One may ask what exactly is a helping profession? Not surprisingly, a helping profession is exactly what it says it is. It is a profession that nurtures the well-being of others. Doctors, psychologists, dentists, teachers, and nurses are other helping professions. It is not easy to work in a helping profession. If you are one of those helping professionals, you are expected to provide effective services for anyone with whom you work. The question then becomes how can you make sure that you are providing effective treatment. So what is it that makes behavior analysts and behavior analysis as a field unique and effective? How does another…show more content…
They then take the information gleaned from the observations and assessments and form their treatment plans. The ongoing collection of data is what drives behavior analysts’ decisions when it comes to making changes to the plan they have created. This guideline also includes the expectation that, when presenting information for publication or at a conference, behavior analysts present information with the highest degree of integrity (Bailey & Burch, 2011). This integrity is established by the use of the scientific knowledge that the behavior analyst has gained in their training. Scientific evidence serves another purpose in behavior analysis. It guides the decision in the types of treatment procedures that are selected for implementation. According to Van Houten, et al. (1988), a behavior analyst has an obligation to only use methods that have been scientifically proven to be effective. This fact is key because one of the rights a client has is the right to the most effective treatments available. When the behavior analyst is able to combine the use of the scientific data and the use of scientifically proven effective treatments, they are able to accomplish the goal that they should start with for each client. A behavior analyst has been most effective in helping their clients when they are able to withdrawal themselves from the clients life altogether (Skinner, 1978). Another ethical guideline for behavior analysts is that they will pursue
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