Behavior And Developmental Characteristic Questionnaire Essay

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Behavior and developmental characteristic questionnaire by parent.

The questionnaire was ad mistered to three selected families who were enrolled in a Head Start Program. To achieve the goal of the study we involved the parents to participate in as the main respondents, to adhere by ethics of survey an invitation letter was sent to five parents, from this we selected the three. The parent’s role was to record the observations of their children behavior as stipulated in the questionnaire, forming a fundamental basis of information gathering for this education class.
To achieve this goal of the study, an interpretative analysis was conducted on children, and a parent questionnaire was administered to gain in-depth perception and behavioral experience. The questionnaire was organized in a two tier entailing the behavioral and developmental characteristic of their children and parent feedback on each of the children; this utilized the parents completed questionnaire and the assessment tools for child development.
The results indicated that the parents were confidence in training of their children on the use of toilets and the children could feed themselves with little assistance. There was a link between the child competence and the cultural perspectives that influence the child behavior. The Asian family indicated no separation anxiety experienced by the children when they are in school, same case applied to the Caucasian family. The Hispanic family reported that the child had

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