Behavior Caused By Father’S Absence. Throughout Generations,

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Behavior Caused by Father’s Absence Throughout generations, you expect kids to grow up to have everything they want but not everything they need. For instance, kids of all ages who have both their parents, tend to focus on the things they want, like cars, toys, phones, and other electronics that seem more valuable. Meanwhile, other kids with single mothers try to forget the one thing that is missing in their lives, which is growing up by their father’s side. What is the meaning of a father’s absence you may ask? According to researchers, the term indicates that a child has lived for part or all their childhood in the house without their biological father. Many teenage girls or women in their early 20s fall in love with a guy they date who…show more content…
Or if he ever loved his daughter. Girls become scared of commitment because they do not want to repeat their mother’s mistakes, which is become infatuated with the wrong guy and get pregnant at a young age. They are scared to get their hearts broken by a guy they grow fond of or have their future child go through the same experiences the girls have gone through growing up. Even if the guy is a good person and cares for her, the girls will be afraid to take chances and stay close-minded. Girls fear friendships because they are unsure who their real friends are or will be and also they do not want to be involved with the wrong people. Therefore, having no closure about the girl’s biological father can hold them back from being open to possibilities of having relationships and friendships with anyone. Having anger issues is another phase that most girls have dealt with growing up without a father by their side. Girls have hatred against everything, like viewing another person’s happiness. It makes them feel envious of the other person because deep down the girls feel miserable without their father and unloved. Feeling miserable has plenty to do with having anger issues because the , although they both deal with different emotions which is sadness and anger but they both concern the situation. For instance, when you
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