Behavior Change Theories and Models

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Week 1 Assignment HCA 331: Introduction to Health Care Education Instructor: Debra Storlie September 23, 2013 In order for health education to be successful, it is imperative to fully understand how behavior can change in an instant. Health education depends on using the proper theories and models. This paper will address the theories and models used in health education, the importance of the theories, as well as real world examples and information from models used in health education. To understand why it is important to use theories, one must first understand the difference between theories and models. While theories are a set of interrelated concepts and definitions and propositions used to present a systematic view of events…show more content…
The Health-belief model provides useful framework for investigating predictors of condom use behaviors among high-risk adolescents, whether male or female. For the precaution adoption process, a real world application is eating healthy and exercising to control weight. While an individual may be well aware that he/she has an unhealthy diet, they may lack the motivation to make the necessary changes. Motivation is vital if the precaution adoption model is to be successful. A cross-sectional survey among 979 non-obese adults, aged 25-35 years, was conducted. Perceived behavioral control was lowest among people who had decided to prevent weight gain, only 85% surveyed intended to prevent weight gain (Wammes, Kremers, Breedveld, & Brug, 2013). Acknowledging there is a risk, or potential for risk is great but without motivation the problem/risk will persist and likely get out of hand. The similarities found in all the models is that they are all centered around individuals and their choices and decisions on whether or not to make the best of their choices. A healthy lifestyle is a choice each individual must make for their self, choices that health educators are required to inform their clients of. Health educators must know about the theories and models used in health education so they will properly be educated themselves in order to help their clients to a healthy lifestyle. Theories and models
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