Behavior Clinic: A Case Study

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Dr. Woods: Weight: 209lbs ( 5 lbs. since 11/13/15) BMI 28.3, medical visits: 3 since seen in Behavior Clinic 11/13/15: 11/14/15  “cold sore” 11/22/15  rectal bleeding (had several ounces of viscous lidocaine), RX lidocaine oral 1 refill, 2/5/16 “chest cold” RX: Levaquin 500 qd x 14 days, cetirizine 10 gd x 30 days with 1 refill. “Dr. Richardson is very worried about his weight gain”. Discussed need for better choices of foods or at least addition of multivitamin daily (suggested 2 Flintstones daily) suggest positive reinforcement & allow redirection instead of refusal. Discussed that his BMI is not a true picture due to muscle & bone mass. I do not recommend more weight loss. Also suggested Vitamin D level. Dr. Mejer: Did well at dentist
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