Behavior Intervention Plan For Student 's Identifying Information

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Student’s Identifying Information: N.E is a ten-year-old boy who attends 4th grade at North Bergen Elementary School. N.E is a very intelligent and creative boy that needs extra help to achieve his academic and social skills. He has little motivation for school achievement, with problems in independent reading, math and classroom behavior. He demonstrates a poor approach in working in a group, usually instead of working on assigned task, he talks to somebody when it is prohibited, playing with his hands or objects, making noises, calling out and looking around. The student gets easily frustrated and cries when he realizes he is having problems with his schoolwork, especially, in the subject of mathematics.

II. Strengths of the student: N.E can become an active participant when he is engaging in the class, his learning process is more about hands-on experiences, he performs well when he has the opportunity to interact with both between teacher and his classmates, for example in games, he also enjoys the art class and he likes to express himself through his drawings. He seems excited when he is praised by the teacher. III. Behavioral goals: According to the FBA the behavioral goals are:
N.E will follow directions for independent reading.
N.E will calmly approach math work.

IV. Target Behaviors: According to the FBA the target behaviors chosen are:
Off task Motor: The student, instead of working on independent…
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