Behavior Involved in Mate Selection and Attraction Essay

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Behavior Involved in Mate Selection and Attraction

Reproduction in Homo sapiens, as in all animals, is a primary driving force and has been elaborated upon since the beginnings of society. Humans must take part in sexual reproduction to produce offspring, thus initiation behaviors can be studied. Commonly, the male makes advances and the female is the selector, or chooses the mate. For humans, this holds true and behavior is modified to maximize competitive receptability. This phenomenon carries across all cultural boundaries and is deeply rooted in the overall behavior patterns in the people of the culture. People try to refine their natural appearance to maximize mating opportunity. The males attempt to enhance features for
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Start time 10:30pm:
Target group: young males and females

Observed behavior: -approach, by male, to opposite sex -approach, by female, to opposite sex -initiation of communication between sexes -gift presentation to opposite sex (drink buying) -physical touch by hands by one sex to the other -physical gesturing and locomotion (dancing) -intimate physical touch (kissing, hugging) -Female reaction to male

These activities are part of the initiation process that leads to mate selection and sexual reproduction. The participants in the mate selecting group also sported various forms of adornment to increase mate reception. For the males, clothing (some tight or revealing of body structure), jewelry, scent masking or enhancement, and domineering posture. Males also revealed a more aggressive behavior style than females. Females displayed facial coloring (make-up), clothing (some revealing of body), scents, jewelry on hands, around neck, and in ears, and coloration of fingernails. Females could pose an inviting body posture to promote initiation and took part in selecting which males are acceptable. These types of behaviors witnessed were all part of the American cultural style of initiation of mate selection. Some of the activities and patterns listed can cross cultural boundaries. Face painting, ornate dress, and scent proliferation have been witnessed in many societies at different times
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